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  Start tserver
  Show tserver
  Hide tserver
  Stop server
  Set Execute String
  Clear Execute String
  Set TiVo Shell Prompt
  Clear TiVo Shell Prompt

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The tserver process must be running on the TiVo in order to list, transfer, or delete the offerings in the Now Playing list.  There are three methods of arranging this. The first is to use an external telnet client (telnet.exe, ProComm Plus, Hyperterm, NetTerm, xterm, etc.) to telnet to the TiVo and execute the tserver process. The second is to modify the /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit file to include a line which runs tserver at startup. This insures tserver will always be running. For more details on these options, see External Options. The third option is to use this utility. The user simply clicks on Start tserver, and TyTool spawns its own little xterm window which automatically telnets to the TiVo at the IP address specified in the TyTool Main Shell and then runs tserver on the TiVo.