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Creating an IFO File Set

The "Create IFO Files/Dirs" menu option is where the real work for creating a DVD now comes in.

To start with when the user selects this function he will see the TyTool File Selector come up. At this point there will be only the .vob files in the "Files:" pane. The user then navigates in the standard fashion and selects the files to be all part of the new DVD.

Once that is done the user will see a new dialog window entitled "Make Menu":

1 - Vob Files: In the upper left the user will see the list of .vob files that have been selected for this DVD.

2 - Menu Elements: In the upper right window appear the names for each .vob and to which vob it is connected; by default each show is "Menu Element #" and is connected to nothing.  Click on each element in this window in turn to set its properties, including the associated VOB, the element title, alignment, and the font settings.

3 - ISO Location: This is where the DVD file set and temp files will be built.

4 - Menu Title: The user enters the title for the top of the window here. A total of 25 characters are allowed at present.  Some thought has been given to allowing a selectable font/color here but for now the user is forced to use what was pre-selected in the code.  This field is optional if a background bitmap (which may already have the DVD title displayed) is selected, but it is required if no background bitmap is selected.  Either a bitmap or a Menu Title must be selected before previewing the menu or processing the fileset.

5 - Background bitmap: This option is set via the edit menu and loads a bitmap into the background. The user will see the name populate on the display. And it will then be used when in preview mode.  This field is optional if a Menu Title is entered, but it is required if no Menu Title is defined.  Either a bitmap or a Menu Title must be selected before previewing the menu or processing the fileset.

6 - Menu Title font settings: The user can control the font in use and font size for the Menu Title.

7 - Title Alignment: The user can set the alignment left to right for the Menu Title string.

8 - Underline: The user can control whether or not the Menu Title string is underlined when it is rendered.

9 - Element Title: This is where the user can re-label each menu element to reflect what it really is, instead of the default "Menu Element #".

10 -VOB Link: A drop down combo box that shows all of the free VOBs and the currently selected entry if there is one for the selected menu element.  Once the VOB to link to the menu element is specified, clicking the carat to the right of the VOB Link field will automatically change the menu element title to be the same as the file name of the VOB (excluding extensions).

11 - Chapter Points: Option 1 is to put a chapter point at each cut point. This is worse than useless for a movie as there is usually 1 at the start and 1 at the very end and that is it.  Option 2 is to put a chapter every X minutes into the show (This is the default mode). The default value is 5 minutes.  This option may be set on a per menu element basis, i.e. one show can be on the editor cut points and the next can be on a chapter at 2 minutes and the next on chapters at 10 minutes.

12 - Extra VOB: It is possible to attach or consequently detach 1 extra VOB to an existing show.  This will allow limited stitching of things together when something has caused there to be 2 VOBs for 1 show.  The full length is calculated and auto-chaptering will work as if it was 1 single VOB file.  To do this, be certain that you only select the first VOB as a target in the window maker input.  Put in the parameters for the menu element in the usual fashion.  Once you have everything else set and before you hit either the enter key or Set-Item button (they do the same thing), on the bottom right of the display select the "..." button in the "Extra Vob(s)" section.  This will open a new blank custom popup window.  Click the "attach vob" button to get the standard file requestor.  Browse to and select the SECOND VOB and then click the Open button.  You should now see the second VOB in the listbox which takes up almost all of the window.  At this point click OK.  The attach window will close and the "Extra Vob(s)" section will now display the additional VOB.  Hit the "Set Item" button at this point to complete the cofiguration of the menu element.

13 - Element Alignment: The user can set the alignment for each element name string independently.

14 - Element font settings: The user can control the font in use and the font size for each separate element in the menu.

15 - Make IFO button: This is selected when the user is ready to create the output DVD file set.  The dialog will not automatically close after the files are created in case changes are desired in the final result.  A popup notifying completion will occur when the process is done.

16 - Preview button: This shows the user in a borderless popup window what the DVD menu will look like.  Click in the window or hit any key and it will close returning to the make menu window.  Either a Menu Title or a Background Bitmap must be specified prior to attempting to preview the menu.

17 - Set Item button (or the return key): This will save the changes made to a menu element and clear the selection fields.

18 - Clear Item button: This will clear, but not delete from the elements list, a menu element.  In case mistakes were made...

19 - Clear all button: Just like #14 but does it for everything in the list.

20 - Cancel button: This will close the window without building the DVD etc...

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