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TyTool is © 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 by Joshua Dinerstein.  All rights reserved.

TyTool is written and maintained by Joshua Dinerstein.  The current version at the time of the writing of this document is V9R18.

The TyTool HTML based documentation is written by Leslie Rhorer and © 2005 by Joshua Dinerstein.  Thanks to the following DealDatabase members for input and help with the documentation: eastwind, patl, hepsnark, and of course jdiner.

The HTML documentation was written using Microsoft® FrontPage® 2002 Copyright© Microsoft Corporation and EditPlus v2.11 Copyright© ES-Computing.  HTML Web Page validation was provided by W3C Markup Validation Service at

The Tserver source has been modified by DealDatabase User jamie to include the NowShowing.tcl script internally and improve performance.  Tserver is © 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 by Joshua Dinerstein.

The DVDAuthor.exe tool from Scott Smith, on the web at, is used to process the VOB output from TyTool into a usable DVD file set.  It is released in binary form only as this is how it was obtained from the listed website.  No changes to the source have been made.

The mpeg2enc.exe tool from the MJPEG toolset is used for MPEG-2 compression. This compression is part of the Frame editor, and also used in the creation of the DVD menus.  This is released in binary form only and no changes to the source have been made.

The tserver_mfs servers, for both S1 and S2 TiVo systems, have embedded in them Tridge's MFS extraction code.  This code was released GPL.  After a long discussion with the original author, Tridge, of the MFS code it was decided that it was an extension of the original source, so the server source was released.  It can be found on the DealDatabase forum.  Limited changes to the source to facilitate its embedded use have been made.  These changed are also reflected in the MFS_STREAM program.  The source to this utility was released in a separate archive also on DealDatabase.

The DVDAuthor and mpeg2enc tools were compiled by others for use under Windows by means of the Cygwin environment and compiler.  As result the cygwin1.dll is required for the operation of these programs.  This is the extent of the use of open-source executables within the TyTool toolset.  The author created all of the other tools: bmp2y4m, TyFileSplit, TyTool, tserver, etc...

At present the source-code to TyTool and VSplit is NOT available.

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